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Type of license/use: Mechanical, Print, Digital Phonorecord Delivery (DPD), Synchronization, Videogram, and/or Master

A Mechanical License is a license that grants certain limited permissions to work with, study, improve upon, reinterpret, re-record (etc.) Something that is neither a free/open source item nor in the poblic domain.

A Print License is a license for Authorization from a music publisher or song writer to reproduce and distribute a song in printed form.

Digital Phonorecord Delivery means “each individual delivery of a phonorecord by digital transmission of a sound recording which results in a specifically identifiable reproduction by or for any transmission recipient of a phonorecord of that sound recording, regardless of whether the digital transmission is also a public performance of the sound recording or any nondramatic musical work embodied therein. A digital phonorecord delivery does not result from a real-time, non-interactive subscription transmission of a sound recording where no reproduction of the sound recording or the musical work embodied therein is made from the inception of the transmission through to its receipt by the transmission recipient in order to make the sound recording audible.

Music Publishers issue Synchronization License as copyright owner or his agent, usually to a producer, granting the right to synchronize the musical composition in timed relation with audio-visual images on film or videotape.

A Videogram License to make a mechanical reproduction of a composition, which is accompanied by a motion picture or other audiovisual work, and which is distributed on a tangible form (e.g., videotape, videodisk, CD-ROM) for the home market.

A Master License gives the license holder the right to use a recorded piece of music in a media project, often a film, TV show, commercial or some other visual creation, though the license does extend to audio projects as well.


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