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Respect Yourself

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Respect Yourself


If you disrespect everybody that you run into

How in the world do you think anybody’s supposed to respect you?

If you don’t give a heck about the man with a Bible in his hand

Then just get out the way and let the gentleman do his thing


You’re the kind of gentleman that wants everything his way

Well take the sheet off your face boy, it’s a brand new day


Respect yourself

Respect yourself

If you don’t respect yourself

Ain’t nobody gonna give a good ga-hoo!


If you’re walkin round thinkin that the world owes you something cause you’re here

You’re goin out the world backwards like you did when you first come in

Keep talking bout the president, wanna stop air pollution

Put your hands on your mouth when you cough, that’ll help the solution

And you’re cursin around women and you don’t even know their name

And you’re dumb enough to think it’ll make you a big ole man


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