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Released October 2009
Format CD
Added on Tuesday, 09 February 2010
Genre Religious Rock
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Length 45:40
N of discs 1
Edition date 2009
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Notorious for asking the hard questions on his best-selling back catalog of rootsy rock, Todd Agnew is calming his queries these days.  It's not that the questions don't arise.  It's just that finding answers is less important.  Inspired by his household's new growth, with the addition of his wife and two stepkids earlier last year, Agnew has garnered a greater understanding of our core need for God.

And as Agnew discovers afresh the basics of belief, his new recording revisits his childhood hymnal.  Classic church songs like "Higher Ground," "Tell Me the Story" and "I Need No Other"—a grippingredressing of the historic text "My Faith Has Found a Resting Place"—permeate Agnew's fourth studio project, which also includes plenty of the singer/songwriter's original touches.


"Joy Unspeakable" was inspired by his marriage vows, a distinct reminder of God's graciousness.  And "Writing on the Wall" is a plea for spiritual clarity: "I wish you still spoke in burning bushes ... 'Cause the sound of this world's deafening ...  I wish your will was still written on the wall." The twelve tracks mix old-fashioned rock 'n' roll with bluesy lilts and emotionally charged gospel choir outbreaks, melding an assortment of authentic American influences to fervently convey man's desperate need for a Savior.

While some of the arrangements come off a bit hokey, aggrandized by Agnew's brash vocal and, at times, cliché lyrics, Need possess' a certain southern charm.  If you've ever seen Agnew live, you know the man exudes little pretense.  Need portrays his laid-back demeanor well, letting the listener know "what you hear is what you get."  Thankfully, what I hear is pretty darn good.—Andrew Greer

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